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Who? You! We need EVERYONE to commit to supporting the Alexandria Lakes Area and all of Douglas County, MN. Residents young and old, owners of businesses large or small, employees, students, nonprofits, service organizations, and everyone who lives, works, and plays here. We need YOU to make sure our community continues to thrive. Click one of the links below and pledge to do your part today!

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There are nearly 30,000 adults in Douglas County, MN. If every adult would shift $20 a month from online spending to local spending, it would add $600,000 per month ($7+ million a year) to our local economy!

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Did You Know?

More than 4,600 businesses operate in Douglas County, MN. If each of them would pledge to shift $500 a year in non-local purchases to local purchases, it would equate to $2+ million to our local economy!