Individuals Pledged

These individuals from our community have taken the pledge to do business locally.

  • Sophie Anderson
  • Avery Hagstrom
  • Floris van Halewijn
  • Grace Panther
  • Connor Cavers
  • Kamryn Coauette
  • Nicole Nettleton
  • Diann Drew
  • Adrienne Dalthorp
  • Daren Myren
  • Brenda Myren
  • Cheryl Kopperud
  • Brooke Steinbring
  • Terri Bursch
  • Linda Kloubec
  • Heidi & Chad Bergerson
  • Kevin Haugen
  • Savannah Mijares
  • Jim Johnsen
  • Mary Becker
  • Amy Christopherson
  • Jeremy Kasper
  • Nicole Klimek
  • Brian Klimek
  • Julie Critz
  • Craig Mische
  • Linda Anderson
  • Ryan Schleusner
  • Todd Emmons
  • Charley Good
  • Anthony Zimny
  • Mark Summer
  • Lynn Arnquist
  • Donna Ryan
  • Amy Disselkamp
  • Angelia Brovold
  • Chase Bukowski
  • Craig Mische
  • Danielle Andersen
  • Taylor Brown
  • Chris Koep
  • Chris Merten
  • Emily Bush
  • Damaris Ganz
  • Chad and Katie Perry
  • Kim Carlson
  • Hilarie Tolifson
  • Sue Jung
  • Laura Hagstrom
  • Daniel Loken
  • Jeff Bertram
  • Amy Allen
  • Jessica Gilbertson
  • Katie Cass
  • Stu Schmidt
  • Sharlo Meyer
  • Robert Klimek
  • Rita Ellenberger
  • Del Mari Runck
  • Jillian Loveland
  • Melissa Kranz
  • Julie Lenarz
  • Chuck Bokinskie
  • Tracey Krueger
  • Myron Larson
  • Mickey Larson
  • Amy Roers
  • Joni Jacobson
  • Brenda Britton
  • Joel Dahlheimer
  • Joani Nielson
  • KrisAnn Carlsen
  • Kris Chisholm
  • Tina Rice
  • Jason Schmidt
  • Linda Dolan
  • Abby Strom
  • Sue Hawkinson
  • Kathleen Pohlig
  • Kathryn LeBrasseur
  • Lois Roers
  • Karen Erickson
  • Crystal DeFoe
  • Pat Sullivan
  • Sam Smith
  • Christine Reilly
  • Kailei Johnson
  • Chase Childers
  • Ben Borden
  • Greg Bowen
  • Dennis and Corliss Stark
  • Patty Wicken
  • Tim Lieser
  • Mark Anthony
  • Kayla Wacholz
  • Kent Kopp
  • Robyn Snyder
  • Liz Workman
  • Martin Kagermeier
  • Toni Tebben
  • Gregory Donahue
  • Lynette Staie
  • Patricia Converse
  • Nicole Fernholz
  • Courtney Bitzan
  • Amanda Seim
  • Martha Spieker
  • Bonnie Bina
  • Beth Leipholtz
  • Elissa Koep
  • Jaiden Drewes
  • Daniel Hartsoch
  • Sarah Olson
  • Amanda Juntunen
  • Chance Thompson
  • Ethan Patience
  • Betty Ravnik
  • Andy Tollin
  • Jeremy Floding
  • Zach Wosepka
  • McKenna Ellingson
  • Sara Peterson
  • Graham Peterson
  • Julie Anderson
  • Tom Jacobson
  • Mark Malingen
  • Kyle Benson
  • Allie Anderson
  • Sam Karger
  • Hailey Gustafson
  • Jordyn Saathoff
  • Taylor Wagner
  • Alex Etter
  • Parker Staloch
  • Brodie Topper
  • Peyton Larson
  • Tyler Neubauer
  • Jacob Tiegen
  • Crystal Swenson
  • Alexia Taylor
  • Taylor Nelson
  • Micaela Nelson
  • Johnny Jesnowski
  • Grace Nowling
  • Lewis Lindner
  • Tanner Goeke
  • Ru Zhong
  • Isaiah Godfrey
  • Georgia Reemts
  • Jaya Hatlestad
  • Landon Schabel
  • Hunter Hastings
  • Matthew Carlsen
  • Caleb Wendel
  • Camryn Marshall
  • Mary Heipel
  • Michael Peterson
  • Kelsey Fletcher
  • Payton Olson
  • Lizzy Schoenrock
  • Devan Swerman
  • Marissa Baker
  • Sabrina Moske
  • Riley Covel
  • Heidi Wussow
  • Colton Roderick
  • Maddie Miller
  • Eric LeBrasseur
  • Ciara O’Connor
  • Elliot A.
  • Tate Breitkreutz
  • Matthew Carlsen
  • Katie Bormann
  • Brendin Houck
  • Lance Jacobson
  • Sara Stadtherr
  • Meridith Lieser
  • Amanda Hokanson
  • Abby Blank
  • Michele Neale
  • David Kent
  • Amy Skarka
  • Kelly Eddy
  • Sue Lundeen
  • Holly Mackedanz
  • Lynn Jenc
  • Jeff & Lynelle Lanoue
  • Matt Gilbertson
  • Mike Doyle
  • Joe Korkowski
  • Jess Ptacek
  • Lauren Johnson
  • Andrea Dwyer
  • Tara Bitzan
  • Megan Jacob
  • Zachary Kent
  • Kailei Johnson
  • Brianna Holm
  • Jan Finazzo
  • Tyler Golberg

“I shop locally as much as possible because I like the personal service and want to keep businesses here!”

Connie Fields

"I buy local because I love knowing that my money is going to people within my community, and that money spent is also going towards supporting community activities and events that myself and my friends participate in."

Kailei Johnson

“Doing business locally is important because it allows Alexandria to remain a vibrant community that people want to come to and live in, which keeps our local economy growing and prospering!”

Diane Lukes

“I pledge to do business local because it’s cyclical.  For every dime I spend here, it goes into the community and continues to drive the engine that makes this area function so well.”

Joe Korkowski

"I buy as much as I can locally because of the multiplier effect. Studies show each $100 spent at local independent stores generate $45 of secondary local spending, compared to $14 from a big-box chain."

Ann Hermes

“I buy as much as I can locally because I want to do business with my friends and neighbors and I anticipate that the dollars I spend will continue to regenerate in other ways within our community.”

Lynn Arnquist

“I need to buy locally so that when we need things we can always buy them locally without having to drive to another town.”

Stu Schmidt

“I want to support our community, as it is filled with local businesses that support me and my school. My family lives in this community and will for the foreseeable future.”

Chance Thompson

“When you buy local, your community wins. Your dollars spent help your local businesses succeed and create jobs. Keep the cycle going and everyone prospers!”

Robert Klimek

“I buy local because I want to support all of the businesses who have supported me.”

Ciara O'Connor

“When I shop local, I know that it is creating huge impact on my amazing community, helping to maintain this amazing place to live, work and play!”

Kris Chisholm

“It makes us more sustainable as a community. I like knowing where my products come from or who made them rather than worrying about sweatshop conditions and labor violations.”

Amanda Seim

“I buy locally because I love the community of Alexandria and I want to see it grow for future generations.”

Zach Wosekpa

“Always good to come to Alexandria for our getaways and happy to support this great town!”

Daniel Harstoch

“We are lucky to have many fine stores in our town and people need to realize that if we don't support them, they will not survive!”

Kathleen Pohlig

“I am a retired businessman and can appreciate the importance of supporting local merchants.”

Pat Sullivan

“I shop locally because I want shops to stay open in Alexandria! I prefer an in-person experience versus shopping from a computer screen.  I meet other community members and make connections.”

Christine Reilly

“I'm happy to support my community and 'Shop Small, Shop Local, Eat Local, Spend Local and Enjoy Local!'"

Katie Cass

“I do my shopping in Alexandria. I buy my healthcare in Alexandria. I make my major purchases in Alexandria. I am a Senior Citizen, I plan to stay in my home and pay taxes to support our community.”

Rita Ellenberger

“I buy local because there are so many great things to buy in Alexandria!”

Jacob Tiegen

“Buying local helps ensure our businesses will survive and prosper. We are blessed to have a vibrant business community and local support is vital to that success.”

Del Mari Runck


“It is important to put money back into your community because it supports you. It’s you giving back to where you live.”

Colton Roderick

“I buy local to keep our area merchants in business. Alexandria is a great resort and shopping town and needs our support.”

Tracy Krueger

“I buy local to keep our area merchants in business.  Alexandria is a great resort and shopping town and needs our support.”

Tracey Krueger

“Shopping locally not only provides jobs within our community, it also supports our community as a great place to live and visit!”

Matt Gilbertson

“I buy local because I get quality service and products with the convenience of being close to home. Local restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and other businesses have one thing that sets them apart and that is building strong relationships with their customers.”

Hunter Hastings

“I like the chance to get help, service and recommendations from people I know, hang out with and trust. It’s what’s made Alexandria what it is today.”

Myron Larson

“Buying local supports local businesses which supports people who work at the businesses and their families. Those families need health care services, go to school, and hopefully buy local as well.  Every time we support a local business we are supporting our village. As the saying goes, it takes a village.”

Bonnie Bina

“I buy local because I know the importance it has in our community and I want to give back due to the many ways the community has blessed me in my life.”

Matthew Carslen

“Vibrant downtowns are what make living in Douglas County so special! Whether it's ice cream in Osakis, gas from the locally owned station in Evansville, or, clothes, books, jewelry and food in Alexandria, I spend locally every week.”

Julie Anderson

“I like downtown shopping and they usually have what I’m looking for.”

Tim Lieser

“I buy local because I want my community to be strong. What is good for our community is good for all of us...schools, jobs, fun, and peace.”

Joel Dahlheimer

“Studies show that when you buy local significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses further strengthening the economic base of the community. The Alexandria Area has many attractive offerings and businesses who care about their customers.”

Joani Nielson

“I buy local because I love the customer service I receive.”

Jan Finazzo

“It's local businesses that my kids can get jobs at while they are growing up and it's those businesses that support local charities, which in turn help local people.”

Lynette Staie

“I enjoy getting to know people in my community. By buying local I’m building relationships and creating connections. I'm also supporting those who live and work here and I'm getting want I want and need.”

Sarah Olson

“I grew up in a small town and my parents were self-employed. I remember my dad telling us how important it was to support local businesses. When we moved here I vowed to do the same! Without local businesses our schools and nonprofit organizations would not be supported. The tentacles go much further than just thinking you saved $20. If we don't support them, who will?”

Michele Neale

“Our community is stronger when we can keep dollars local. Local businesses need to stay competitive on price/value and consumers need to give local merchants a chance to compete.  Before clicking "order" or heading to the big city, give your local merchant a call or better yet, stop in.”

David Kent

“I love our community and to keep it thriving we need to support our local businesses.   As the saying goes, if you don't use it, you lose it.”

Robyn Snyder

“If I can find it local, I buy it local. Many of my neighbors, friends and customers work for local companies. Many of those companies are active in supporting local charities, schools, theaters, etc. I buy local to support my neighbors, friends and customers.”

Kent Kopp